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October 12 2007, 10:08 PM

I figured you guys all want some new layouts for the Fall/Halloween Season, So I posted them up in a nice easy list for you guys

Make sure to comment and add them to your favorites if you like them

New Today
Happy Halloween I (Div Overlay)
Happy Halloween II (Div Overlay)

Memoirs of Autumn (Standard)
Memoirs of Autumn (Div Overlay)
Nature's Artwork (Div Overlay)

More will be comming soon



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thank you

Posted by IVIike on Feb 14, 08 2:43 pm

love the div overlay for autumn (:

Posted by smashedcodes on Dec 26, 07 10:33 pm

haha he wants to hug you too

Posted by IVIike on Oct 15, 07 9:21 pm

I still want to hug the ghost ;]

Posted by Insurmountable on Oct 14, 07 7:09 pm

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